Fully Customizable

Our specialty lies in our full service commercial Airstream customization and company branding. Whether your business requires one trailer or an entire fleet, Nomad can transform a modest travel trailer into a fully-fledged marketing machine. Let us help bring your vision to life in an eye catching and unexpected way. See how we can help your company grow!


No Airstream commercial project or Airstream food trailer is exactly the same, but we do follow standard process for all of our project. Read through our SEVEN STEP to learn how to start!

STEP 1 – Initial meeting with our sales team – First contact with Nomad to acquire an overview of the project and your budget; can be done in person or over the phone.

STEP 2 – Creative meeting with design & engineering team/retainer – This is where we want to hear all the details about your Airstream project. It can be done in person at Nomad’s office or via Skype. Bring your wish list of elements you want to add to the Airstream. An initial retainer to go towards your project will be required in order to move to the next phase.

STEP 3 – Quote and initial drawing –  We will provide you a conceptual drawing, a floor plan  and a price estimate of the project based on the creative meeting.

STEP 4 – Drawing refinement, corrections and modifications – We will revise the floor plan elements and adjust the quote accordingly.

STEP 5 – Quote acceptation & contract signature – We will prepare a detailed quote and contract with will define your relationship with Nomad until the completion of the project.

STEP 6 – Technical plan development & material selection – We will plan and draw every elements of your Airstream, and then we will ask your signature for approval.

STEP 7 – Production – We start building your Airstream!


The project timeframe depends on the complexity of the project. Our average is 4 months to build your Airstream once we have a signed contract.

Do you have a more pressing need?

We have one of the largest customization facility in America. We have previously built & delivered custom Airstreams in 4 weeks.

The Cost

How much does a customized Airstream cost?

This is probably the most common question we get and the hardest to answer. Since there is a lot of factors to take in consideration to give a price, and every Airstream we made a guide line to set expectation.

entry level manufacturing (small basic bar car, food trailer or retail store ) $100,000 – 130,000 Old rehabbed Airstream or newer shell customized with basic materials and equipment.

mid -range manufacture $130,000 – 150,000 Larger rehabbed Airstream or larger newer shell customized with basic materials and equipment.

full manufacture $150,000 or more Old rehabbed Airstream or larger newer shell with customized structure and high end materials and equipment. Last minute project (less than 4 months) will automatically fall in this category.

So, you should get in touch with us at the earliest if you are looking for one of the best Airstream renovation companies.