Guest House – Private

Custom 34' Beach House Trailer

Custom Features

  • Client: Private Commission
  • Year made: 2013
  • Model: Custom
  • Length: 34′
  • Location: New York
  • Bedroom(s): 2 
  • Flooring: Red Oak Hardwood
  • Furniture: Solid Red Oak
  • A/C Unit: (2x) 13,000 BTU
  • Bathroom(s): 1 
  • Flooring: Ceramic Tile
  • Shower: Seamless Glass
  • Shower Tile: Porcelain Subway Tile
  • Counter Tops: Corian
  • Toilet: Porcelain
  • Plumbing: Direct Connect
  • Awning: Automatic
  • Doors: (x2) Both on one side

Project Overview

In need of space for relatives when they stop by for a visit, our client turned to Airstream as an alternative to building extensions onto their summer house. Their main request was that we reference the already existing South Hampton decor inside their home. Instead of polished aluminum walls and faux materials, we turned to white paint and solid Red Oak furniture to fill the interior.

This custom unit contains two bedrooms which mimic each other, with a lavish bathroom sitting between them. The 34′ long shell was fabricated out of two damaged trailers that would have otherwise been scrapped. This gave us full control over everything from the frame up, ensuring the structure was sound. Since this guest house would be a stationary trailer, we were able to use both heavier and more delicate materials then we normally can in an Airstream. Without the concerns of rattling movements and weight issues on an open road, solid wood, porcelain, ceramic tile and suspended glass could be applied to the design. All of the furniture was created in-house based on traditional South Hampton style.

Overall, the guest house trailer combines a simple beachy vibe and modern luxuries within a sleek aluminum wrapper. With the blue sky and white sand reflected in its mirror finish, this trailer is sure to bring rest and relaxation to anyone who pops by for a weekend retreat!

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