Salon – Hair Nomade

Custom 29' Styling & Production Trailer

Custom Features

  • Client: Hair Nomade
  • Year made: 2013
  • Length: 29′
  • Model: International
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Room(s): 1
  • Wall Color: Silver/Gray
  • Flooring: Vinyl Roll
  • Accent Lighting: Color Changing LEDs
  • A/C Unit: (1x) 13,000 BTU
  • Electricity: Surface Mounted
  • Awning: Manual
  • Doors: (x2) Both on one side
  • Side Opening: 5′ Wide Door

Project Overview

The red accents of this trailer glow for miles! In order to catch attention on the grounds of a photo shoot or movie set, this styling / production house unit had to stand out. By engineering a 5′ wide opening beside the existing door, over-the-top costumes, large equipment, and towering models would be able to move in and out with ease. This also gave us the perfect opportunity to go bold! Using a bright Camaro red for inspiration we painted the interior of both doors and matched the partial awning to them.

Inside the 1970 Airstream is plenty of open space for styling chairs, a location to wash hair, and areas for people to gather. We built the wheel wells up to add bench-like seating and anchored an existing vintage sink into the structure. Surface mounted conduit and touches of high polished metal form an industrial look. Dark vinyl flooring used in some of Airstream’s rugged models gives the client a durable and water resistant base to work on. This was an important factor with a high traffic unit such as this.

Now that the trailer has been completed, it is up to the client to add the finishing touches. Furniture, decor, and styling elements will be worked into the design to create a chic and inviting space on any set.

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