Tricked-out trailer to be featured on the Travel Channel


The Travel Channel rolled into town to feature a 40- foot camper restored by a Plattsburgh company, and Newschannel 5 got a sneak peak.

“We camped for 40 years so, but we didn’t have anything like that to camp in. It’s gorgeous,” camper Christina Leclerc said.

From the moment it rolled in to Cumberland Head State Park, the tricked-out trailer was turning heads.  The nearly 40 foot long air stream belongs to a man from Québec City.

The trailer and those responsible for its remodel are being featured on a Travel Channel show called “Mega RV Countdown.”

Steve Clement owns Nomad Airstream in Plattsburgh.  His company is responsible for the glamper. That’s code for “glitzy camper.”

“It is a 2003 rig, but it had more of a 1980 look with mirrors and flowers and gold everywhere,” Clement said.

Now it’s totally redone with a new kitchen, countertops and a custom, camper fridge.

“It’s a $10,000 fridge that is made for RVs because it is gas, battery and also electric,” Clement said.

It also has a rain shower and wine cellar.

“You touch this little door, open it up and we have a central vacuum cleaner that pulls all the way, 18 feet way down,” Clement said.

Nomad did have help doing the $280,000 makeover from more than two dozen Plattsburgh businesses, including local interior design company Pod Design.

“The interiors were really easy to lay out, everything was kind of close at hand.  We were able to use some fun materials like Lucite panels and some green materials for flooring and all in all, it was a really great project to work on,” Pod Design owner Joshua Kertser said.

But the best part could be that upstairs there’s an extra living space, sound system, grill and the best view in town.

No word yet on when the Airstream’s episode of “Mega RV Countdown” will be featured on the Travel Channel.

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